Vesta- Syde SQ 64 Ready to use

STERIS’ Vesta-Syde SQ 64 Ready to Use Quaternary Ammonium Disinfectant is the non-sterile version of our phosphate-free one-step cleaner and disinfectant formulated for use on hard, non-porous surfaces. Made with same main ingredients as the Vesta-Syde SQ Disinfectant concentrate, Vesta-Syde SQ RTU Disinfectants kill a broad spectrum of common bacteria and fungi. At a use-dilution rate of 1.6% v/v (1:64), Vesta-Syde SQ 64 Ready to Use Disinfectant requires no mixing or activation for convenient and consistent use.

  • Ease of Use - Eliminates the need to validate dilution preparation procedures by providing a consistent dilution every time
  • Convenience - Same key ingredients as Vesta-Syde SQ Disinfectant concentrate to simplify validation requirements
  • Productivity - Low residue formulation to maintain visibly clean surfaces with minimal rinsing
  • Efficacy - Microbial control against bacteria, fungi, and viruses using AOAC and EN protocols
  • Availability - Active ingredients notified according to the Biocide Product Directive and registered with the US EPA
  • Assurance - Manufactured in accordance with the cGMP with complete lot traceability
Packaging651 ml bottle, 946ml Bottle, 3.78 ltr bottle. Sterile