Aerosol Alcohol Dispenser

The Aerosol Alcohol Dispenser supports the decontamination of gloved hands in pharmaceutical and biotechnology controlled environments using STERIS’s Septihol® WFI Sterile Alcohol Solution.

  • Hands-Free Use - Exclusive foot activated dispenser eliminates contact between gloved hands and surfaces during decontamination. Additional Back-of-Hand configuration and optional Elbow Actuator help meet facility design classification needs and user preferences.
  • Stainless Steel Construction - Autoclavable and compatible with a variety of cleanroom sporicides and disinfectants.
  • Flexibility - Wall mounted or installed on STERIS’s Portable Stand allows the ideal cleanroom locations to be selected for routine glove decontamination.
  • Standardization - Helps establish repeatable glove decontamination procedures which can reduce cross-contamination from gloved hand contact.